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Haikou Bayee Exim Co.,Ltd is a cutting-edge company specializing in import and export business. The company is based in Hainan and serves the world. The company is mainly engaged in import and export of goods; offshore trade operation, sales of chemical products; sales of petroleum products; sales of food additives; sales of fertilizers; sales of rubber products; sales of mechanical equipment; sales of hardware products; sales of metal products; sales of office equipment; sales of cosmetics; sales of daily necessities; sales of daily necessities; sales of plastic products Products sales; dye sales; medical staff protective equipment sales; domestic trade agents and other services.

Since its establishment, our company has followed the pace of reform and opening up, and made use of Hainan’s unique geographical resources and our own development advantages to find a green development road suitable for Hainan. At the same time, our company also has a number of high-quality staff, good customer resources and rich experience in import and export. Driven by the mission of “making import trade more smooth”, every employee in every position is dedicated to serving customers and proud of creating value for customers by satisfying customers. Relying on our rich cases, professional talents and relationship resources, we can serve every customer better.

The concept of cooperation and mutual promotion: win-win! Our purpose: people-oriented, integrity first, innovation first!

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