Hainan comprehensively improves talent service level


From April 13, 2018 to Nov 20, 2020, Hainan province has introduced a total of 201,000 talents.

Hainan has researched and issued 103 policies around the aspects of talent introduction and training, evaluation and incentives, mobile usage, as well as service guarantees, initially establishing an effective talent system.

Since Hainan launched a recruitment action plan in May 2018, all departments in the province have focused on the development needs of three major industry types, 10 key fields, and 12 key industries to promote the recruitment of talents.

Hainan has established three national-level continuing education bases, two national-level expert service bases, and 12 post-doctoral research work (mobile) stations to build a high-level platform for cultivating high-quality talents. It has established Hainan’s first national-level offshore innovation and entrepreneurship base for overseas talents by recognizing 145 Hainan academician innovation platforms and 25 provincial foreign academician workstations to attract, as well as use the intellectual resources of talents from outside the province.

Hainan has issued a number of policies to attract foreigners to work in the province. Documents focusing on the liberalization and facilitation of personnel entry and exit, as well as employment and practice have provided comprehensive support and services in terms of the entry and exit, residence, as well as work permits of foreign talents.

Hainan has also increased support of the development of local talents. It has carried out supporting funding work for national talent project candidates, established six post-doctoral research stations and six post-doctoral research mobile stations, as well as implemented talent training projects in key industries to cultivate and train talents in various fields.

Consumer products expo a boost to Hainan’s free trade port plan
Meanwhile, public opinion is being solicited for a draft Hainan free trade port law, which is expected to grant the province greater autonomy in reform and provide a legal guarantee for the construction of the free trade port, according to Shen Xiaoming, Party chief of Hainan. 
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China's Hainan opens 3 offshore duty-free shops
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